I Support National Reciprocity, But…

Photo Credit: Mother Jones

In this post, I’ll be covering what national reciprocity entails and my opinion as to whether it’ll happen or not (in my lifetime at least).

First off, I SUPPORT national reciprocity! Since every state recognizes your state ID or driver’s license, why shouldn’t they also recognize your CPL / CCW (or your state’s equivalent) as long as you’ve completed the proper training and your license is valid?

While pieces of legislation have been introduced to accomplish national reciprocity (i.e. H.R. 38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act), here’s why I, unfortunately, don’t believe it’ll ever happen (at least, in my lifetime). Hypothetically speaking, if national reciprocity were to pass, states like New York, Illinois, California and Hawaii (other factors affect Hawaii) would nullify the legislation so we’d be back to square one. I hope it becomes a reality and we’re not forced to face that obstacle but, realistically, I don’t foresee it happening anytime soon.

What are your thoughts and why? Leave a comment below!

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