What Does Our Brand Stand For?

Along with our values and mission, as a brand, what does Brooks Defense Consultations stand for?

To summarize who we are, I’m going to break it down into six different points.

  • Authentic: We’re transparent, straightforward and honest in regard to the information that we present in our classes, on our website and social media. We simply tell things as they are regardless if people agree with the facts or not.
  • Secure: We take security and privacy very seriously! With that said, we have instituted measures to keep clients’ information safe and will only work with vendors that share that same value. Furthermore, we will check IDs to verify identities when an individual is paying with a credit/debit card and/or their age if they would like to rent a lane for the firing range.
  • Edgy: We like to be controversial at times and be bold when it involves our stance on the Second Amendment (and the Constitution in general).
  • Knowledgeable: Coming from a background in security, martial arts and firearms, we provide a wealth of information and insight into our curriculums that our students and clients can benefit from.
  • Trustworthy: We will verify the accuracy of the information that we’re presenting and include the sources for the information so that the general public and our students can conduct their own research.
  • Customer-centric: We can customize curriculum that meets the needs of our clients, whether it’s home defense, situational awareness, youth firearms safety, etc.

Furthermore, there’s an assumption that people seem to have that all we do is CPL/CCW and basic handgun courses. We are MUCH more than that! We train people to prepare for the worst-case scenario and to use violence when necessary. We accomplish this through firearms training including CPL/CCW and basic handgun courses, but also training in emergency preparedness, active shooter prevention and church security training, emergency first aid, and real estate agent safety and self-defense to name a few. Unlike our competition, our goal isn’t to be a factory where we are pushing our students through our classes by taking money in exchange for a certificate. Our goal is to educate those that need to be educated, to instruct those that need instructing and to ensure that every student feels safe with their firearm along with being confident in their ability with the information that’s presented to them from any of our courses before they leave. This is more than just a livelihood for us…this is our PASSION! Unlike our competition, we’re PROACTIVE as opposed to being reactive. Not to mention, we also provide technical advising services for cinema, television and games.

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