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My husband and I just completed the “Intro to Constitutional Carry” class. Excellent class, very informative. Our instructor did a great job presenting the information and answering all our questions along with the added bonus of doing it in the convenience of our own home. Looking forward to taking more classes through Brooks Defense Consultations. Highly recommend.

Submitted on Dec 5, 2021 by Cyndy Y.

The instructor was very thorough and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!

Submitted on Feb 4, 2022 BY aSHE W.

Having never shot a handgun before, I feel I now have a solid foundation from which to build my knowledge and skills. Looking forward to taking more classes through Brooks Self Defense along with accessing training videos through USCCA. Highly recommend.

Submitted on Apr 23, 2022 by Cyndy Y.

This was a great experience and I came out of it with more confidence thanks to our instructor, Sam, and his knowledge and patience when answering all the questions.

Submitted on Apr 24, 2022 by Tami F.

Took the USCCA Cpl class. Good complete session recommended for anyone who owns firearms so you know your options.

Submitted on Jul 16, 2022 by Harry W. via text

The information I have learned in today’s class has been clear and delivered in a very straightforward and understandable way.

submiited on jul 16, 2022 by vincent l. via text

This [CPL] class has been very informative. Thank you.

submitted on jul 16, 2022 by thomas s. via text

Great experience, very in-depth look at information, equipment and skills related to hand gun ccp.

submitted on jul 17, 2022 by anonymous

I took this class in another state two years ago. This class was much more in-depth based on state laws and other issues like color codes of awareness. Thank you.

Submitted on Sep 15, 2022 by David B.

The class was very thorough and I learned quite a bit. It’s a great addition to my training.

Submitted on Dec 1, 2022 by James K.

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