How to Solve the Active Shooter Problem

In this post, I’ll be discussing what an active shooter incident is and then provide some of my solutions to countering the issue so that these horrific incidents can be minimized.

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Op-Ed: The Self-Defense Styles That Are The Most Beneficial

If your interest is competition, this post isn’t for you as its focus will be around defending yourself and others from a hand-to-hand combat perspective (even though some of the martial arts styles listed can fall under the competition aspect).

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How to Stay Safe in Public

While I could spend majority of the time explaining how to use self-defense (I do strongly recommend training in both firearms and martial arts/unarmed combat), I’m going to focus more on situational awareness instead. The reason being that, by being aware of our surroundings, we can avoid potential unnecessary situations.

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I Support National Reciprocity, But…

Photo Credit: Mother Jones

In this post, I’ll be covering what national reciprocity entails and my opinion as to whether it’ll happen or not (in my lifetime at least).

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Product Review: SIRT By NextLevel Training

Photo Credit: MDpolo Gun Channel

In this post, I’ll be giving my honest review of the SIRT pistols by NextLevel Training.

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My Issue with Ranges that Doesn’t Have a Range Safety Officer Present

Photo Credit: USCCA

Let me be clear, each owner can determine how to manage their own range as they see fit. Personally, if there are going to be any regulations, they should come from associations (i.e. NRA, USCCA, NSSF) rather than the government. The goal of this post is to hopefully shed some insight on this issue so that ranges can implement the necessary policies to keep everyone safe and mitigate unnecessary liability.

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I Want to Teach My Child Firearm Safety. When and How Should I Do So?

Photo Credit: USA Carry

While I don’t have children of my own, I do have several nieces and nephews that range in a variety of ages – from 1 year to 25 years – and have co-taught in youth martial arts classes in the past. In this post, I’m going to provide tips that’ll assist you with teaching your child firearm safety.

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What Should I Look for When Choosing an Instructor?

Photo Credit: USCCA

In this post, I’ll be covering some key points that you should look for when choosing an instructor, whether it’s for a firearms or a martial arts class.

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What’s the Process of Purchasing a Firearm?

Photo Credit: Liberty Safe

In this post, as someone that also sells firearms for a Lansing-based FFL, I’ll be explaining the process of purchasing a firearm as it pertains to Michigan and federal laws. It’s your responsibility, however, to research your state laws (USCCA; NRA) as they do vary from state to state for the age, possible waiting periods and firearm restrictions.

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