Firing Range Etiquette

While the way that firing ranges operate vary from business to business, I’m going to take this time to explain proper etiquette and safety rules that you should be following regardless if the range is outdoors or indoors, private or public property, and/or if there is a range safety officer (RSO) physically present or not.

Why You Should Never Teach Your Significant Other

Photo Credit: Carolina Sporting Arms This post isn’t only geared towards those that are married but are dating as well. I’ll be presenting my case as to why you should never teach your significant other firearm safety and, instead, why they’re better off learning under an outside professional.

Universal Background Checks & Red Flag Laws: Do They Work?

Photo Credit: MSN In this post, I’ll explain what “universal” background checks and red flag laws are exactly (aside from what the media and politicians say), while answering the question as to whether they work to prevent crime.

How to Solve the Active Shooter Problem

In this post, I’ll be discussing what an active shooter incident is and then provide some of my solutions to countering the issue so that these horrific incidents can be minimized.

Op-Ed: The Self-Defense Styles That Are The Most Beneficial

If your interest is competition, this post isn’t for you as its focus will be around defending yourself and others from a hand-to-hand combat perspective (even though some of the martial arts styles listed can fall under the competition aspect).

How to Stay Safe in Public

While I could spend majority of the time explaining how to use self-defense (I do strongly recommend training in both firearms and martial arts/unarmed combat), I’m going to focus more on situational awareness instead. The reason being that, by being aware of our surroundings, we can avoid potential unnecessary situations.