Red Dots vs. Laser Sights: Which Is Better?

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In this post, I’ll be explaining some of the pros and cons between red dot and laser sights (they’re not the same) from the perspective of someone that works in the firearms industry along with having a background in self-defense and security contracting.

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Op-Ed: What Exactly Is a “Ghost Gun”? Are They Legal or Illegal?

Photo Credit: Newsweek

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer nor do I claim to be. I’m simply presenting the legal definitions as they pertain to the State of Michigan in this post for you to research on your own and also recommend that you reach out to a credible attorney if you need more information.

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Product Review: Varda Concealed Carry Activewear

This is my honest review of the Runner T-shirt by Varda Concealed Carry. Varda Concealed Carry started in the spring of 2020 with the goal of designing clothing that was in-between non-specialty and specialty made apparel that can be worn both comfortably and in style for a variety of activities such as to work, to the store, to the golf course or tennis court, or to relax in your home. The company was also a vendor at the 2022 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV.

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2A: What Is Its Context and How Does It Apply Today?

Photo Credit: The Chestertown Spy

In this post, I’ll be explaining the historical and legal context of our God-given Second Amendment right as citizens of these United States with the hopes that you walk away with a better understanding.

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Should My Handgun Have External Safeties?

Photo Credit: Smith & Wesson

In a previous post, I had stated that “I’m against the use of external safeties”. In this post, I’ll be explaining my position further and give you some points to consider.

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Should I Carry with a Round in the Chamber?

Photo Credit: Hegshot87 via YouTube

When it comes to the debate – among instructors and enthusiasts alike – of determining if it’s better to carry with a round in the chamber or not, I’ll be explaining my side of this debate in order to give you some points to consider.

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Does Gun Control Work?

by Samuel Brooks

During my junior year of college, I had written a research paper in attempts to answer the question as to whether gun control, more specifically “gun-free zones”, work while providing my solutions if gun control didn’t. I’ll be sharing what I found in my research in this post.

Quick disclaimer: Since writing my paper, I’ve made slight revisions. Also, my solutions to the “gun control” and mass shooter issue hasn’t changed but, instead, expanded since recently getting certified as an instructor in the USCCA’s ‘Countering the Mass Shooter Threat’ course along with communicating with other crisis management professionals. You can learn more about our active shooter prevention courses and programs here.

Warning: Some of the descriptions in this essay may be disturbing to some readers.

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What Should I Buy for My First Handgun?

Photo credit: AP News

by Samuel Brooks

Well, it depends on what your budget is and how the handgun (i.e. pistol or revolver) feels in your hands. Speak to a knowledgeable salesperson – preferably at a mom-and-pop gun shop instead of a big box store based on my experience – rather than relying only on friends and family. Also, what’s your purpose of buying a handgun (i.e. home defense, concealed carry, protection from predators while hiking or hunting, spending your free time at the range, or a mixture)?

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Autism: The Benefits of the Martial Arts

There are many benefits that the martial arts provides to individuals on the autism spectrum. As someone with close to a decade of experience, here are some of the many benefits…aside from only self-defense. While I have experience competing – having been ranked 2nd and 3rd in my division for the State of Michigan while […]

Autism: The Benefits of the Martial Arts