Firing Range Etiquette

While the way that firing ranges operate vary from business to business, I’m going to take this time to explain proper etiquette and safety rules that you should be following regardless if the range is outdoors or indoors, private or public property, and/or if there is a range safety officer (RSO) physically present or not.

Universal Background Checks & Red Flag Laws: Do They Work?

Photo Credit: MSN In this post, I’ll explain what “universal” background checks and red flag laws are exactly (aside from what the media and politicians say), while answering the question as to whether they work to prevent crime.

My Issue with Ranges that Doesn’t Have a Range Safety Officer Present

Photo Credit: USCCA Let me be clear, each owner can determine how to manage their own range as they see fit. Personally, if there are going to be any regulations, they should come from associations (i.e. NRA, USCCA, NSSF) rather than the government. The goal of this post is to hopefully shed some insight onContinue reading “My Issue with Ranges that Doesn’t Have a Range Safety Officer Present”

2A: What Is Its Context and How Does It Apply Today?

Photo Credit: The Chestertown Spy In this post, I’ll be explaining the historical and legal context of our God-given Second Amendment right as citizens of these United States with the hopes that you walk away with a better understanding.