Does Gun Control Work?

by Samuel Brooks During my junior year of college, I had written a research paper in attempts to answer the question as to whether gun control, more specifically “gun-free zones”, work while providing my solutions if gun control didn’t. I’ll be sharing what I found in my research in this post. Quick disclaimer: Since writingContinue reading “Does Gun Control Work?”

What Should I Buy for My First Handgun?

Photo credit: AP News Well, it depends on what your budget is and how the handgun (i.e. pistol or revolver) feels in your hands. Speak to a knowledgeable salesperson – preferably at a mom-and-pop gun shop instead of a big box store based on my experience – rather than relying only on friends and family.Continue reading “What Should I Buy for My First Handgun?”

Autism: The Benefits of the Martial Arts

There are many benefits that the martial arts provides to individuals on the autism spectrum. As someone with close to a decade of experience, here are some of the many benefits…aside from only self-defense. While I have experience competing – having been ranked 2nd and 3rd in my division for the State of Michigan whileContinue reading “Autism: The Benefits of the Martial Arts”