Range Rules


1. ALWAYS treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

3. Don’t point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.

4. Be sure of your target and your backstop.

5. NEVER use alcohol or impairing drugs (including marijuana) before or while shooting.

6. All inexperienced shooters MUST take the new shooter’s course…22LR only. No exceptions!!!


1. ABSOLUTELY NO LOADED FIREARM WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER OR EXIT THE FIRING RANGE FACILITY. All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded with their action open and the magazine removed, or unloaded and encased. Exception: Sworn Law Enforcement or Concealed Carry Permit Holders whose weapons must remain holstered while not on the firing line.

2. ALL FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION. All firearms must be complete in construction and in good working order. Incendiary, tracer, armor piercing, frangible, birdshot, remanufactured / self-reloaded and black powder rounds ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

3. COMMANDS issued by Range Safety Officers (RSO) and Instructors MUST BE OBEYED IMMEDIATELY and without question. The RSO will have FINAL word in ALL matters. If the RSO feels that you are unfit to use the range for ANY REASON, you will be denied access.

4. THE RANGE IS ALWAYS CONSIDERED HOT unless declared otherwise. This means that firing may commence at any time at the firing line.

5. When the command CEASE FIRE is given, or the Range Alarm sounds: stop shooting IMMEDIATELY, remove your finger from the trigger, keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, wait for further instructions from the RSO, and anyone on the range may issue a CEASE FIRE command upon a safety violation or emergency.

6. AVOID CROWDING THE BOOTHS. Guests and observers should remain behind the firing line. AVOID EXCHANGING FIREARMS FROM BOOTH-TO-BOOTH, but instead switch shooters, leaving the firearm pointed down range, unloaded, and actions locked open.

7. Targets must be placed at eye level to ensure bullets hit the steel berm. NO CROSS LANE SHOOTING. Shooters at the Ranges Officer’s discretion will be held FINANCIALLY RESPOSIBLE for any damage they cause to the range and the equipment, regardless of intent.

8. NO ONE other than BDC personnel MAY GO FORWARD OF THE FIRING LINE unless the BDC range staff gives specific permission.

9. SHOOTERS MAY ONLY COLLECT THEIR OWN BRASS BEHIND the firing line. The fallen brass will be periodically pushed forward past the firing line to prevent falling hazards. ANY brass past the firing line CANNOT BE RETRIEVED.

10. All shooters must sign in and SHOW ID before firing.

11. You must be 18 years old to shoot long guns and 21 years old to shoot handguns unless accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

12. NO GLASS of any kind, electronics, hard plastic or alcohol-related items can be used for targets.

13. Do not pick up brass that is not yours. Please clean your area of trash and bring your target stand-in before leaving.

14. NO PETS allowed.

15. You MUST be able to speak, read and write in English in order to properly communicate with our Range Safety Officer and Instructor for safety and liability reasons.

16. Only one warning will be given for any safety violation. If a second violation occurs, the shooter will be asked to leave by the RSO and the shooter MUST comply. Refunds will not be issued if this occurs.

17. Rapid fire is not permissible. Only double taps.

18. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the Range Safety Officer or Instructor. Be sure to have the slide locked open and then lay the firearm down with the muzzle pointed downrange before you turn to raise your hand.

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