• New Shooter Package (22LR only, 100 rounds of ammo, 1 hour on range with instructor, eye and ear protection, 4 packets of targets): $85 per person*
  • Basic Handgun (4 packets of targets, ear and eye protection, and 1 hour on the range with the instructor): $50 per person*
  • Advanced Pistol (CPL holders only): $55 per person + cost for 200 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammo*
  • CPL/CCW: $100 per person + cost for 50 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammo*
  • CPL/CCW Renewal: $65 per person + cost for 50 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammo*
  • Women’s Basic Pistol: $45 per person*
  • Women’s Intermediate Pistol: $50 per person + cost of 100 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammo*
  • Women’s Defensive Pistol (CPL holders only): $55 per person + cost of 200 rounds of 9mm or 22LR ammo*
  • Intro to Constitutional Carry Mini-Class: $20 per person
  • Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: $50 per person (full course) or $25 per person per lesson*
  • Church Security Training: $325 per team training of 4 people + $25 per additional person*
  • Active Shooter Training: Request a Quote
  • Home Defense: $30 per person
  • Basic AR: $75 per person + cost for 40 rounds of 5.56, 223 or 22LR ammo*
  • Basic Shotgun: $65 per person + cost for 20 rounds of 12ga or 20ga slugs*
  • Situational Awareness & Personal Defense: $20 per person
  • Emergency First Aid Fundamentals: $30 per person*
  • Gun Rental: $15 per handgun; $20 per rifle / shotgun
  • Targets: $1 per 8″ target; $2 per silhouette
  • Corded Ear Plugs: $1 ea.
  • Safety Glasses: $2.99 ea.
  • Range Fee: $10 per hour per lane (outdoors)**
  • Technical Advisor for cinema/television/gaming (script/content development and review; weapons/firearms skills; hand-to-hand combat/self-defense training) – $30 per hour*

*If we must travel outside a 30 mile radius, prices will increase in order to cover incurred costs.

**If you’re making an appointment to reserve a lane, there’s a non-refundable $25 reservation fee in order to help cover incurred costs and would come off the total range time owed. You can save 30% if you’re active / retired military, first responder, clergy, Enactus or USCCA / NRA / Students for Concealed Carry member.

***With the exception of the CPL / CCW course, if you’d like to take home your textbook from another course (including the CPL renewal course), you can purchase it for an additional fee.

For classes, sign up here. For other services, click here. Read our cancellation policy here.

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